Shijiazhuang Boyu Translation & Consultation Service Company was established in early 21c, is a professional translation service agency registered with Shijiazhuang Administrative Bureau of Industry and Commerce. After many years’ struggle, and favor of foreign and domestic clients, Boyu Translation & Consultation Service can increasingly improve its translation level, extend its service field, and has a good developing trend, now it is a powerful and influencing brand ...
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·Translation Service:Regulations,
Financial and economical,Business affairs,Science and technology,Literature,
Interpretation Service:Boyu Translation & Consultation Service provides
interpretation service (alternating interpretation
and simultaneous interpretation) for you,
which include:press conferences, meetings,
proseminars, lectures,
school teachings, exhibitions, accompanied interpretation,
tour guide and etc.
·Translation for financial and economical, financing, insurance, securities, funds, laws, real estate, construction, project, geological prospecting; electronical equipments, communication equipments, computer, website, resource, electricity, petroleum, coal, natural gas, environmental protection, traffic, mail, communication, information technology, metallurgy, ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, nonmetal, chemistry, chemical industry, biological, medicine, machinery, general equipments, electromechanical device, mining equipments, apparatus, autos, aviation, spaceflight, culture, education, sports, health, travel, literature and arts, broadcasting movie and television, scientific research, agriculture, forestry, stock raising, fishery, water conservancy, foods, textile, clothing, furniture, paper making, printing, weather, mapping, ocean environment, and etc. ·English, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic; Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Denish, Polish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Czechic, Slovakian, Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian, farsi, Turkish, Albanian; Hindi, Urdu, Malaysian, Indonesian, Philippine, Thai, Vietnamese, Laotian, Kampuchean, Burmese, Mongolian, and others 60 languages.
Shijiazhuang Boyu Translation & Consultation Service Company
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