1. How do you count the words?
A: The translation words are usually based on Chinese character, the concrete counting way is WORD→tools→word counting →character (except blank). The Chinese character mainly include Chinese characters, Arabian letters, number and punctuation, but not include blank. If you have no electronic documents, but only have copy or printing, the word count only can based on the estimated formula. The simplest counting way is: row words*column number of each page=translation words. Or, you can contact us, our company has experienced personnel to estimate the words count for you with free charge.

2. I have electronic document, but it is in English, how do you count the words? And how to count the unit price?
A: The charge standard of Boyu Translation & Consultation Service is based on the Chinese character. For this condition, first convert the foreign words into Chinese, and counted by the converted Chinese words; if you want to translate foreign language into Chinese, then take the eternal Chinese words as standard.

Convert standard: single byte multiply 2 converting into double byte. For example, for 1000 English words or French words, it should be counted as 1000*2=2000.

The convert standard of Boyu Translation & Consultation Service is according to relevant regulations of publishing house of P.R.China. The convert standard from single byte to double byte of publishing house is 1.8-2.2, i.e. a western single byte is about 1.8-2.2 Chinese character.

3. How about your price criterion?
A: We will give your correct price according to the language of your document, the required language, length and period.

4. My document is only several hundreds words, how to charge it?
A: For the documents that are not enough to 1000 words, our company has two projects. 1. For the ID card, household register, driving license, business license, notarial materials, we charge them with each piece. 2. For other materials, if it is not enough 1000 words, we will charge it as 1000 words.

5. What kinds of preferences you can provide for us?
A: If you select our company, it is affirmation for our company. At the first time we cooperate, we can give you some preferences, but all the translators we chose have high level, we have limit compressed cost. But we promise to provide the service with high proportion on performance and price.

6. How about your hand in time?
A: We always comply with the concept of “quality and clients comes first”, and serve you with all heart, therefore, we can promise that we will hand in you documents at earliest time with good quality.

7. Is your translation quality creditable? How do you ensure the quality?
A: The translation quality is a permanent and most basic topic. The translation quality of Boyu Translation & Consultation Service is not always the best one, but we know that quality is the best feedback to clients, so our company will always put forward to provide high qualified translation service for you.

We have top level translation experts, and we works according to the strict translation procedure, every document should be proof in two or three times. That is basic guarantee of high quality, we depend on rich experience that after many years’ accumulation, now we have set up perfect translation procedure, above half clients of our company has changed many translation companies before cooperated with us.

8. If I have questions on the version, what shall I do?
A: Boyu Translation & Consultation Service has its own translation style and word using habit, because everyone has different culture background, we cannot ensure every sentence of version is comfort to your expected style, but the deadline is that we can ensure the correctness of the version. For that condition, we can amend the version in 30 days’ quality ensure period according to your reorganization and expected style.

9. Are you translating by machine?
A: No. The version translated by machine cannot reach to the normal reading level. Our translation is mainly by translators, and assistant with advanced translation software.

10. I’m client in other place, and here has no agency of your company, how can I receive your service?
A: You can contact us directly. Before getting our translation service, you must: 1) give advance payment according to the entrust agreement; 2) Email or fax us the remitting voucher or relevant paying voucher; 3) once we receive the voucher, we will work immediately.

11. How do you ensure not to release the confidential documents?
A: Shijiazhuang Boyu Translation & Consultation Service will ensure the safety of your documents. Except special description, we will keep secret for clients. If you have special demand, please notice us in advance, and we can sign a confidential agreement to adopt strict secret keeping measure.

12. Is there any advantage to be your long-term clients?
A: You can enjoy many benefits to be our long-term clients. Firstly, we will adopt customized settlement project, to set up a term bank for your company; secondly, we will distribute translation resource and other resources for you first, that is to say, we will distribute long-term fixed translators and other service personnel to take charge of the version of your company. So, it can help to improve the version quality and speed continuously.

13. We need translation and printing, can you do well?
A: Of course, it is not a difficulty for our company, we have provided such service for many domestic and abroad enterprise successfully. For the printing part, we will send experienced personnel to charge, and have good cooperation relationship with many printing plants.

14. How to pay the translation charge?
A: For paying charges, we always cooperate well with our clients, and haven’t had such problems. Generally speaking, for the non-long-term clients, we demand to prepay the translation charge of 30%-50% or sign a translation contract, you can pay it through bank remitting, check, telegraphic transfer, remit through post office, credit card, bank card, cash and etc. If you have special paying method, you can negotiate with us.

15. I’m a foreign company, how can I get your company’s service?
A: We have taken much good cooperation with some foreign companies, and we usually use E-mail to contact with each other. If you have requirements, we can hand in you by EMS, the paying method usually adopts bank remittance or credit card. If you have any special demands, you can call us or give e-mail to enquire.
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