Translation Service
Regulations: governmental documents, laws and regulations, trade criterion and administration regulation; articles of association, contract, agreement; judgment, arbitrage report, lawsuit documents; affidavit, appraisement and etc.
Financial and economical: security analysis report, credit investigation report for enterprises, market analysis report; financial statements, audit reports, annual return; stock investment, fund investment, trust investment, risk investment, project financing and etc.
Business affairs: layout, marketing plan, commercial plan; pre-feasibility study report and feasibility study report; bidding inviting report, report for bidding; introduction of company and products booklet; business letter and etc.
Science and technology: technology criterion and specification; installation booklet, operation directory, consumer handbook, instruction book; technological drawing and products instruction book; scientific research report, academic report, training materials; brand and patent.
Literature: poem, essay, novel; book, newspaper, magazine.
Certificate: ID card, household register and residence certificate; certificate for marital status, bachelordom certificate and marriage certificate; personal resume, transcript, letter of acceptance, materials for study abroad and etc. (the documents with our translation seal are authenticated by judicatory organ, embassies and agencies of international organizations)

Interpretation Service
Boyu Translation & Consultation Service provides interpretation service (alternating interpretation and simultaneous interpretation) for you, which include: press conferences, meetings, proseminars, lectures, school teachings, exhibitions, accompanied interpretation, tour guide and etc.

Translation fields
Translation for financial and economical, financing, insurance, securities, funds, laws, real estate, construction, project, geological prospecting; electronical equipments, communication equipments, computer, website, resource, electricity, petroleum, coal, natural gas, environmental protection, traffic, mail, communication, information technology, metallurgy, ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, nonmetal, chemistry, chemical industry, biological, medicine, machinery, general equipments, electromechanical device, mining equipments, apparatus, autos, aviation, spaceflight, culture, education, sports, health, travel, literature and arts, broadcasting movie and television, scientific research, agriculture, forestry, stock raising, fishery, water conservancy, foods, textile, clothing, furniture, paper making, printing, weather, mapping, ocean environment, and etc.

★ Languages
English, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic; Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Denish, Polish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Czechic, Slovakian, Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian, farsi, Turkish, Albanian; Hindi, Urdu, Malaysian, Indonesian, Philippine, Thai, Vietnamese, Laotian, Kampuchean, Burmese, Mongolian, and others 60 languages.
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