1. Project analysis and categorization
On receiving projects, we first review files, count words, and quote in 1-2 hours. For big projects, we will appoint senior project managers to take charge of implementation and coordination.

2. Selection of translators
Translators are selected according to disciplines and styles of the project. The skills and qualifications of translators are pre-examined for perfect solution and success in every project.

3. Preliminary review
Project managers and in-charges excel at both management and translation skills. Their primary role is to guarantee a systematic and smooth implementation of projects. For terminological consistency, we established management systems of special terms and glossaries.

4. Secondary review
Double reviews aim at linguistic and technical accuracy by eliminating errors in spelling, typing and grammar, and guarantee appropriateness and consistency in diction.

5. Editing and typesetting
We are capable of editing various types of documents with updated computer-assisted tools, no matter whether they are pamphlets or folding pages, whether in foreign languages or in simplified or complex Chinese.

6. Document submission
Transmissions of documents are made through FTP, emails, or in hardcopy, disk or CD. Free delivery applies to big projects. We accept projects ranging from 1-page letter to pamphlets of hundreds of pages, and translation time depends on complexity and format of documents. A document of 20 thousand words may be delivered on next day on emergency.

7. Quality follow-up
Our service tenet: “We strive to provide the most satisfactory works for clients.” Therefore, our company will revisit clients after the delivery of the final translation, soliciting feedbacks from you. If you are not satisfied with our translation or there are problems with our translation, we will look through the translation immediately until you are satisfied.
1. Service requirement:
Clients propose service requirements through telephone, fax, emails, or other means on interpretation, including languages, interpretation methods, basic contents, dates, and staff.

2. Interpretation program and quote:
We answer inquiries, arrange for interview of clients with interpreters, provide interpretation programs and quotes.

3. Project preparation:
Clients prepay deposit and provide relevant materials (electronic version). We arrange for interpreters to assume projects.

4. Communication with client:
Communication involves comments on interpreters, and adjustment of time.

5. Completion of project:
We issue invoice on receiving payment of left money. So far, the whole process ends.
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